Having a business idea but not having enough money to open your company is the travesty of many people.

Finding suitable and actionable alternatives can motivate you and lead the way to fulfill your ambitions.

With these tips, you will have no more reason to delay your goals anymore. 

Here are 5 free investment opportunities you might opt for in 2017


investment-free careers

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#1. Reflect on your abilities and actions

Walking down an unknown path is like walking on a minefield. The same term holds true for business.

Plan and analyze the niche & acquire the statutory level of knowledge required for the market. Be confident about your skills, since it is an essential trait for a business to thrive.

Sample Choice of Work:

A home-based tutor of Foreign Languages.

#2. Make Appropriate Cost Assumptions

One of the most important steps to take is to have a fool-proof business plan. Therefore, write down all the costs involved and evaluate if your product or service is feasible for the market because the competition is paramount and a fail-safe plan will prepare you better to face what lies ahead.

Make value simulations with the help of charts and graphics, to assess how you can keep your small business empire floating without needed outside capital.

Include realistic scenarios in the simulation by taking into account the best and worst-case situations.

Sample Choice of Work:

You might consider Freelance Web Designing, as the field of work corresponds heavily to the above statements. 


investment-free career

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#3. Look for investors as an alternative

If in case your attempt to maintain a business using your own resources does not bring the expected results, then it is time to seek Angel Investment, crowdfunding, or a private equity.

But, going down this path also requires carefulness and meticulous management skills.

Sample Choice of Work:

You might consider having an eCommerce store.

#4. Marketing Investment Solution

It is possible to advertise your service or product with little or no expense and start selling without having a physical store. For that, social media comes highly recommended.

Marketing at zero cost over the internet; can open new & prosperous doors for your business due to the vast opportunities it offers.

Sample Choice of Work:

You might consider a career in Event Organization.

#5. Use your networking

Having a network of contacts is like forming a chain that can generate results, including obtaining partners, information, and updates on the market and tips, from the same trade.

A healthy network is essential for any entrepreneur which provides him/her chances of immense growth & peer-to-peer learning.

Sample Choice of Work:

You might consider Content Creation for Businesses. 

investment-free career

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Relying solely on own resources gives more certainty when the business depends on the entrepreneur’s ability to deliver the service or product with quality and serviceability. But, it is not viable in the long term, especially if you wish to expand.

Look for your capitation & skills, before you begin and, evaluate your many options that will bring out your best.