There are tons of SEO tools that monitor not only the website performance but also your competitors. The good news? We probably already use them for other stuff.The onsite analysis reveals the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps to determine what to incorporate and avoid in the strategy. Does the title or heading begin with a keyword? A recent study found that pages beginning titles or headings with a keyword ranked above those with a keyword at the middle or end, Are they using SEO-friendly URLs? These are effectively, short and ‘pretty;’ avoiding sporadic combinations of letters and numbers for IDs and parameters and following a practical structure. For awesome competitive intelligence, add the following SEO tools to marketing stack:

Alexa – Monitor Traffic Tool

Alexa allows tracking global web traffic of the website and competitor websites. “Information is power,” It is a tool that you can use to transform data into competitive value for the business. It lets you spy on the competitors’ backlinks, traffic, keywords etc. It is interesting to compare similar websites in niche: get data on international competitors and website rankings for an overall picture.

SpyFu – View Competitor Keywords

Let’s view all data on competitors’ keywords in both organic search and Adwords and get even more related keywords. You just need to add competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their strategy.

How to best use SpyFu: This is a good tool to research niches, new keywords, and plan tests. View the destination URL for each ad in order to see how the competition is utilizing landing pages.

SE Ranking – Track Rankings

SE Ranking helps you monitor competitors’ search rankings on any engines and target regions, up to five projects per website.One can get detailed reports on all major competitors, including data on their average positions, traffic forecast, and website visibility. How to best use SE Ranking: The tool gives brief information on the top 10 websites for each of the queries. If you want to track anything in more detail, add it to the ‘Main Competitors’ tab and track for getting more details.

SEMRush – Keyword Research | Competitor Research | Site Audit | Backlink Analysis

SEMRush is an SEO audit tool that provides a very complex website analysis with a lot of useful data about the competitors related to links and traffic. SEMRush shows SERPs & keywords and it’s updated in real time. It is a versatile tool that helps to conduct competitive research on any domain name and to use the data to optimize campaigns.

SimilarWeb – Increased Rank | Visitors | and Revenue

Similar Web is primarily a competitive analysis tool for digging into a site, app or platform. Top brands use it because it’s versatile and provides one of the most accurate insight sets about any given site. One can compare the traffic statistics from two or more competitors.

Get an overall SEO snapshot or blueprint, compare all the results, and build up a new marketing strategy. There are tons of SEO tools that monitor not only the website performance but also that of the competitors.It can help to analyze the backlinks of bloggers and webmasters in the field to build up the own link building strategy, build quality links from the competitors, and write link bait content.You can also estimate the traffic increase based on keyword positioning and efforts to boost good backlinks to a certain website. The last but not the least that the great team and their efforts always boost to attain competitive goal and key to success for any business units either physical or digital.