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AWS Certification Roadmap: The Value of a Great Infographic

If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a good certification infographic should be able to encapsulate a certification program at a glance. Amazon Web Services may have pulled it off.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the undisputed leader in the cloud computing kingdom, with a dominant market- and mindshare in business, government, academia, and industry, across all scales and scopes. Thus, it’s no wonder that the AWS certification program (and the offerings it encompasses) is growing by leaps and bounds.


Upon visiting the company’s AWS Certification home page, I savored the program’s roadmap infographic (reproduced here). It does a great job of laying out the stepping stones in the program, from left to right, along with the elements that make up its Foundational, Associate, and Professional certs.


Amazon Web Services is making exciting strides with its certification program.

Source: AWS Certfication (Scroll down)


Various specialties appear in the right-most (purple) block and show the range of topics in which IT pros can specialize under the AWS umbrella.


As roadmaps go, this is a really good one. I’ve had occasion to examine many such instruments over the years, and as such things go (and read), this one is exceptionally simple, clear and straightforward. And in fact, AWS makes excellent use of graphics to guide interested parties through its certification and training offerings throughout its certification pages and coverage.


Here’s an example of what the company presents for “Learning Paths by Role:”


Amazon Web Services is making exciting strides with its certification program.


Because I can’t embed links in screencaps, here are the links for each of the afore-depicted roles show therein:


Cloud Practitioner


The next sequence depicts “Learning Paths by Solutions” and is equally interesting and compelling:


AWS 5 10 19 Ed T Graphic 3


And once again, here’s the corresponding list of links by solution name:


Machine Learning
AWS Media Services


For those interested in developing cloud skills, knowledge and expertise, spending some time on the AWS training and certification pages is well worth the time and effort involved. These folks do a great job of presenting the information one needs to dig in and start learning. Ditto for what’s needed to tackle and earn one or more of its many and various certifications. Be sure to check it out!


NOTE: Site registration is required to dig into those details, but anyone with an Amazon account — and who doesn’t have one nowadays — can make exploratory forays without requiring company registration or involvement.



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