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How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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CompTIA Assesses Moods and Attitudes of IT Workers

A CompTIA survey of more than 800 IT professionals and managers reveals that certification retains its luster and value, and that professional development is perceived as being vital to IT career satisfaction and success.

Do Employers Monitor Your Computer Usage at Work?

Is Big Brother (or at least the senior management team) watching what goes on when you sit down each day and fire up your PC workstation? And what, out of all your computer usage, is being looked for most?

It's Always a Great Time to Be an IT Project Manager

Want to beef up your IT certification portfolio? Consider investing in project management certification and moving yourself up into one of the most financially rewarding of IT employment tiers.

Wanted: Highly Skilled and Certified Cybersecurity Expert

Equifax has egg on its face and the competition to hire skilled IT security personnel just got hotter. Certification is your ticket to employment in the booming market for trained cybersecurity professionals.

Inching into Network Programmability with Cisco

Just as virtualization is recasting the data center and the server room, so it is also recasting networking. The rise of what Cisco calls 'network programmability' shows where this march of progress and change might lead.

Happy Labor Day from your Friends at GoCertify!

GoCertify is "closed" for Labor Day, but we didn't want to leave our loyal visitors with nothing to do. As usual, we have a holiday quiz.

U.S. Employment Takes a Half-Step Backward in August

July’s numbers showed an improving employment trend in the U.S. labor market. As we look back at August, alas, things are once again moving in not-desirable direction.

A MOOC-by-MOOC Big Data Immersion Plan

Want to get yourself grounded in the nuts and bolts of Big Data? Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are a great way to build a foundation for an exciting career in this booming IT discipline.

Microsoft and CompTIA Help Vets Transition to IT Careers

Microsoft and CompTIA are teaming up to enlarge the scope of Microsoft Software & Systems Academy, an education program designed to get service members ready for meaningful, productive work in IT after leaving the military.

Trend Toward IT Apprenticeships Picking Up Steam

It's quickly becoming more common to find IT up-and-comers resorting to apprenticeship arrangements to broaden the scope of their training and gain valuable work experience at the same time.

Network Development Group (NDG) Offers Online Learning and Labs

When good technology is readily available and reasonably priced, it might just become ubiquitous. This is on the way to becoming true for the Network Development Group.

How to Decide Whether Certification Is Right For You

Getting a certification may not always be the perfect next step for your IT career. Here are some points to ponder before you invest the time and money required to train and certify.

July Brings More Ho-Hum U.S. Employment Numbers

Despite modestly encouraging upticks in several areas, jobs are not being added to the U.S. economy fast enough to really shake things up. Both the country as a whole, and IT workers in particular, continue to muddle through.

Career Advice: How to Succeed in Project Management

Many IT and IT-fueled business are increasingly project-oriented. A skilled project manager can always find work, but you won't learn everything about successful project management from a certification.

Immigration Reforms Fall Short of High Tech's Needs

Now that the RAISE act aimed at reforming immigration is out in the open, we can take its measure. Alas, most of the Trump White House's ideas are too restrictive and don’t respect the wishes of the free market

Career Advice: Is Big Data the Right Fit for You?

Every day humans are generating and storing massive amounts of information. There are important secrets to be harvested from those ever-growing stockpiles. If you think that sounds exciting, then a career in data science may suit you.