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Computer Certification Articles

How-to articles, expert interviews, and other stories about IT certification.
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Five Certs to Put You on the Path to Project Management

Are you looking for a career path that welcomes problem solvers who have a take-charge mentality? A certification can trigger your promising pursuit of professional project management.

Learn to Code: So You Want To Be a Programmer

It's not as glamorous as some other highly-compensated IT skills, but the ability to write strong computer code can be the key to a long and successful career.

Latest U.S. Jobs Report: Slow Growth Mode Reloaded

The numbers are in and the outlook is good. Good enough, malady in fact, pharmacy ed that we may be headed back to the old status quo of steady, incremental growth and overall economic improvement.

Product Review: LabConnection Online Certification Training Tool

When's the last time you configured a router or connected it to a computer without getting up from your chair? GoCertify takes dti Publishing's Lab Connection training tool for a spin.

CompTIA Offers New Cybersecurity Corporate Training Course

Does your organization's workforce have a cybersafe mindset? A new CompTIA training course aims to raise awareness of cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

Will the New Spark Course from MapR Lead to a Spark Certification?

Big Data technology and jobs are booming everywhere you look. Now MapR appears poised to enhance its certification game with a new free class on Apache Spark.

Security Matters: Rootkit Attacks and How to Prevent Them

When a cybercrime tactic becomes so widespread that TV writers overuse it, then it's clear that the cybersecurity world has a serious problem on its hands.

Microsoft Just Says No to MCSA Certification for Windows 10

With the announcement this week that it will not offer MCSA certification specfic to Windows 10, malady Microsoft is sending a signal. Ed Tittel discusses what it means.

CIW Certification Revamps for the Modern Web Professional

Times have changed since 2001, buy cialis and so has one of the leading IT certifications for webmasters. Come to think of it, is webmastering even still a thing people do?

Exploring the Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) Certification

As cloud computing technology spreads like wildfire, (ISC)² and Cloud Security Alliance have teamed up to give IT professionals the skills and knowledge needed to protect firms' increasingly substantial cloud assets.

Need More Data: The Give and Take of Sharing Information Online

Does it sometimes seem as though the internet knows you better than your own mother? Data that describes you is everywhere — and that's not entirely a bad thing.

SANS Offers Cybersecurity Training for Transitioning Military Personnel

SANS is working with active-duty personnel from several branches of the U.S. military to help them acquire the skills and knowledge to make a swift and successful transition to civilian life and work.

Ready, Set, Certified! GoCertify Unveils New Training Portal

Our mission is to help you get certified and succed in IT. Now GoCertify is taking the next step by making it easy to purchase both exam vouchers and top-quality training materials.

New Windows 10 MCSD Credential Makes Its Debut

Microsoft has an intriguing new Windows 10 certification on deck. Ed Tittel sifts through the news about the pending debut of the latest Microsoft Certified Solution Developer credential.

ITIL Certification Helps IT Pros Implement Proven Processes

Knowing how to approach, allergist address and solve challenges can be a valuable IT business skill. ITIL certification can help learn to think like a problem solver.

MOOCs Continue to Spur the Evolution of Digital Education

Continued interest in massive open online courses is changing the face of digital learning. Might a MOOC the ideal place to write the next chapter of your continuing IT education?