Yoga Man- The Desi Business Tycoon

Born in Haryana, now roots all over the world, the self-made god-man, from being a swami to a yoga guru and now a successfully established entrepreneur and almost a celebrity, Baba Ramdev has it all. He started his journey as a monk, making yoga not only an indispensable part of life, also should be the way to a disciplined life.

The Success Mantra According to Baba Ramdev

Discipline:  Saying “Discipline is the key to success” holds true here. As discipline has always been in Swami Ramdev’s life, that’s the result he’s touching new heights in the business world and at the top of the notch today.

Focus: No doubt, with discipline comes the focus and with being focused, one can achieve greatest heights in life.

Put Your Feet in the Right Shoes: Before starting up a business, one should have a clear vision and knowledge of the business that one is going to do. Having enough knowledge about your business will land you to a right place.

Being in the Market: Analyzing the market is very important before startup. Always remember “Need is the mother of invention.” Hence, observing and performing an analysis on the basic necessity is equally and absolutely important.

Quality Rather Than Quantity: Quality goes to eternal and lasts long if compared to quantity. Come up with a brand/product/service which is promising and genuine. Focus on the quality of service which should lead to ultimate customer satisfaction.

Financial Database:  An old rule “Make money from Money”, this is the mindset which is one of the ways to expand your business and make it more successful. Learn to save the money. Keep in mind that money saving is money earning.

Availability and Cost of the Service: Make your service availability easy, reasonable and affordable.

Perfect Marketing:  To make your service reach out to people it is utmost important to promote it. Try gimmicks which could create a buzz in the market and attract attention, endorsement or the other marketing strategies to make your service known

Well, these are the ways through which a yogi turned into a yogipreneur. With perseverance, endeavor, discipline and experience, Baba Ramdev has made Patanjali brand reach to a newer height.

There is no surprise to the fact that how a Desi yoga man could turn out to be an ace in business. In fact, there have been many businessmen who came from zero level and today their story is totally different.

Maintaining a business and being in the long run is more important than establishing it. Following all these mantras, one could establish a successful business and survive the long run. What requires is a sheer drive and enthusiasm in oneself to go over the board. There is no perform and perish rule in business. One just has to practice and preach.

5 Tools To Check Competitors Onsite SEO

There are tons of SEO tools that monitor not only the website performance but also your competitors. The good news? We probably already use them for other stuff.The onsite analysis reveals the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps to determine what to incorporate and avoid in the strategy. Does the title or heading begin with a keyword? A recent study found that pages beginning titles or headings with a keyword ranked above those with a keyword at the middle or end, Are they using SEO-friendly URLs? These are effectively, short and ‘pretty;’ avoiding sporadic combinations of letters and numbers for IDs and parameters and following a practical structure. For awesome competitive intelligence, add the following SEO tools to marketing stack:

Alexa – Monitor Traffic Tool

Alexa allows tracking global web traffic of the website and competitor websites. “Information is power,” It is a tool that you can use to transform data into competitive value for the business. It lets you spy on the competitors’ backlinks, traffic, keywords etc. It is interesting to compare similar websites in niche: get data on international competitors and website rankings for an overall picture.

SpyFu – View Competitor Keywords

Let’s view all data on competitors’ keywords in both organic search and Adwords and get even more related keywords. You just need to add competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their strategy.

How to best use SpyFu: This is a good tool to research niches, new keywords, and plan tests. View the destination URL for each ad in order to see how the competition is utilizing landing pages.

SE Ranking – Track Rankings

SE Ranking helps you monitor competitors’ search rankings on any engines and target regions, up to five projects per website.One can get detailed reports on all major competitors, including data on their average positions, traffic forecast, and website visibility. How to best use SE Ranking: The tool gives brief information on the top 10 websites for each of the queries. If you want to track anything in more detail, add it to the ‘Main Competitors’ tab and track for getting more details.

SEMRush – Keyword Research | Competitor Research | Site Audit | Backlink Analysis

SEMRush is an SEO audit tool that provides a very complex website analysis with a lot of useful data about the competitors related to links and traffic. SEMRush shows SERPs & keywords and it’s updated in real time. It is a versatile tool that helps to conduct competitive research on any domain name and to use the data to optimize campaigns.

SimilarWeb – Increased Rank | Visitors | and Revenue

Similar Web is primarily a competitive analysis tool for digging into a site, app or platform. Top brands use it because it’s versatile and provides one of the most accurate insight sets about any given site. One can compare the traffic statistics from two or more competitors.

Get an overall SEO snapshot or blueprint, compare all the results, and build up a new marketing strategy. There are tons of SEO tools that monitor not only the website performance but also that of the competitors.It can help to analyze the backlinks of bloggers and webmasters in the field to build up the own link building strategy, build quality links from the competitors, and write link bait content.You can also estimate the traffic increase based on keyword positioning and efforts to boost good backlinks to a certain website. The last but not the least that the great team and their efforts always boost to attain competitive goal and key to success for any business units either physical or digital.

How to Rank for Your Competitor’s Keywords?

Keyword research is important for creating a successful website or blog. Without keywords, search engines will have no idea of what you want to find and they will have no way of understanding what a piece of content is about.

Performing competitor keyword research is one of the effective ways to improve your search optimization game. If you can find your competitor’s keywords, you can easily gain a competitive edge in the search results.

What is Competitor Keyword Research?

Competitor keyword research refers to keywords that your keywords rank for search results. It will help you create an effective SEO keyword strategy.

Ways to Use Competitor Keyword Research:
  • Analyze your competitor’s keywords to boost your rankings in the same search results.
  • Analyze and start targeting keywords that haven’t yet been targeted by competitors.
  • Find broad terms used by your target market.
  • Analyze why your competitors rank above yours for particular broad keywords.

Understanding why your competitors rank well for particular keywords is important if you want to outrank your competitors. Once you have a sound understanding of the search terms people are using to find your product or service, you can use them to create web pages that are designed to rank up.

Here are a few ways to rank for your competitor’s keywords:

Study Your Competitors’ On-Site SEO:

In order to outrank your competitors, you can monitor their on-site SEO. Make sure that you analyze title tag or meta data, keyword usage and overall on-page SEO activities.

Monitor All Backlinks:

It is imperative to keep a constant log of your website’s backlinks. It will help you find any negative SEO attacks and ensure that all links are from relevant sources.

Relevant Content:

Content acts as a fuel for your campaign. Having relevant and appealing content on your website is the key to outrank your competitors. From blogs to images, videos to infographics, content is the excellent way to boost your SEO ranking and brand awareness for your competitor’s keywords. It is a great idea to use your competitor’s keyword data to bring up with blog ideas. You must invest time to research about those topics. Take time to write detailed blog posts to outrank your competitors.

Engage in Competitor’s Backlinks:

It is great to use tools like Backlink Watch or Open Site Explorer to see which websites are linking to your competitors. Find out how you are going to help from these links. In order to outrank your competitors, you can also get high-quality links from popular sites like Huffington Post, Forbes etc. Don’t forget to register your website with Google My Business and local reviews sites. It is advisable to pursue links from local business organizations and provide interesting story ideas to local media.

There is nothing wrong with finding how your competitors move, what keywords they’re ranking for or the type of content they’re publishing. Your focus must not be solely on imitating your competitor’s tactics. It is advisable to analyze the performance of all your efforts, whether with your own tactics. Building an SEO strategy needs a consistent commitment to content, competitor research, latest news and on-site metrics. It helps to enhance real-world results and future trends that help you boost your competitor’s keywords. What are some other methods you have to outrank your competitor’s keywords? Let’s share your answers and ideas in comments.

How Important is the Logo for Your Business?

In the business world, branding is important for growth and recognition. Branding is the process of identifying a company using a word or an image. Believe it or not, it separates competitors and helps customers in understanding a product or service. When it comes to branding your business, your logo plays a crucial role. Keep in mind that a logo is an important aspect of branding for your business. It should be attractive and professional for people to identify it as your brand.

Why a Well-Designed Logo Is Important To Your Business?

With a well-designed and professional logo used consistently, you’ll experience numerous benefits i.e.

Attract More Customers:

Let’s take an example. If someone is looking for a reputable painting company and there are two companies having good reviews, company X has a professional logo while company Y has a common logo. Which company would you go for? Obviously, the one with a professional logo!

Build Trust:

When your customers see your professional logo on your website, they are more likely to trust your business. It is important almost in all industries such as IT, financial and business sector.

Leave A Great First Impression:

You may have heard it many times that first impression is the last impression. A strong website logo can get your business off to amazing beginning.

Increase Brand Awareness:

Brand awareness is important to show that your business exists and provide information about your products or services. If you want to turn your visitors into prospective customers, inform them about your company. The professional logo can help you stand out from other companies.

Features of a Great Logo

We have compiled a few important characteristics that make an awesome website logo.

Unique and Memorable:

How many logos have you seen with unremarkable font? It’s no secret that unique logos can help you get the most out of your website.


Well, it’s important to be unique and you don’t make your logo to be too crazy. It is important to make your logo consistent with your business. A unique and consistent logo speaks about your business.


A solid/strong website logo is the one which is simple. Keep in mind that a solid logo works well for all companies. Having a simplest logo is important for your business.

Important Factors to Consider

Memorable Logo:

A website logo must be distinctive enough to be easily memorized and simple or solid to work across several media. A good logo is memorable and unique and leaves a great first impression. It must work well at any size whether it’s on a pen or a billboard. A professional logo looks good both in black and white and in color.

Consider Details:

Details are highly important with logos. It is imperative to pay attention to all elements of the logo i.e. shapes, sizes, fonts and colors. All these elements convey a message about your company. A gym must choose thick and bold fonts while a wedding planning agency must use cursive fonts for their logo.

Consider Visuals:

It’s no secret that the visuals and images are more important for your company that text. All colors, sizes, shapes and images must be consistent. It is imperative to design your logo in such a manner that it delivers the appropriate message about your company.

Logos are a great way to boost brand awareness, important in getting your business visible to potential customers. It is important to have a clear link between your website logo and business. What does your logo convey about your company? Feel free to share your ideas in comments!

Is Blogging Effective For Growing Your Business?

Every business owner dreams to have a constantly growing business and applies all the possible techniques for this purpose. Most of the businessmen know that they cannot make this dream come true without an effective marketing strategy and therefore, they do everything for enhancing the marketing process.

With time, marketing strategies change their form and marketing professionals tried to develop new ideas to bring more customers. Nowadays, marketing serves every business in the form of digital marketing. Yes! Businesses use nowadays digital media platforms to market their products. All the digital platforms have their own benefits but these days, blogging is emerging as a most beneficial digital platform for business owners. Whether you’re running a small, medium or large-scale business, blogging is worth the time and effort. Blogging allows you to show a personal side of your business in front of prospective customers. It gives a sense of vision and personality of your company.

Be it the conventional business or online business, blogging can make people aware about the brand. If you’re writing useful content, you’ll represent yourself as a reputable voice in your industry. The basic objective of a business blog is to enhance brand awareness, engage users, improve sales, outsmart your competitors, create an active community in your niche, convert users into prospective customers and attain more search engine visibility.

If you search for any information on the internet using any search engine, you will surprisingly find several results in the form of blogs. This phenomenon shows the vitality of blogs in the age of cut – throat competition.

Certainly, you can grow your business with the help of an effective blog. Even we would say that if you do not have a blog, you are going to miss a vast number of potential customers.

We can give you several reasons for making a blog for your business or your website like:

  • With an effective blog, you can present yourself globally
  • Having a blog, you can reach more potential customers
  • Blogs help you in bringing more business directly or indirectly
  • In the form of a blog, you have a tremendous platform to tell about your business, goals, offerings, and your services
  • A blog on your website brings your customers repeatedly
  • Visitors are easily converted into customers with blogging
  • You can present yourself as an expert in your field with the help of a blog
  • A blog on the website make relationship with the customers

It’s no secret that industries can drive business with blogging. We have compiled a few industries that could be benefited from blogging.

  • Bakeries
  • Banking
  • Cleaning Company
  • Construction
  • Counseling
  • Dentists
  • Education
  • Event Planning
  • Food Packaging
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels
  • Law Firms
  • Non-Profits

Now we have some initial tips for you for using a blog effectively.

Setting Up A Blog:

You can have your own blog on your website that is actually a brilliant idea. Customers always look for fresh information. Therefore, instead of reading your web pages, they would like to read your regularly updated blogs. You can set a blog frequently using free blog websites or using paid services. Having a separate blog is also a great idea when you have a lot to say to your audience.

Update Your Blog Regularly:

Updating a blog is essential as visitors really like to have something new about your business or whatever they want. Update your blog with fresh information using SEO content rules. Search engines are friendly for newly present information. Organize content in such a way that a user can navigate through your blog with ease.

Market Your Blog:

If you have a separate blog, you must market your blog using different digital marketing techniques like social media etc. Moreover, set up your free blog websites according to search engines. Once your blog is popular, you cannot imagine how effective result it would bring for you.

These tips are only the start to grow your business through blogging. As you step in, you would enjoy more powers of blogging.