Writing Quality Comments to Others Blog

You must have heard the advice a million times that writing quality comments to others blog will always help your blog grow.

Ironic but true. It’s just about building the Human relationship with your fellow bloggers. Comments can be really powerful if a comment can land you on a radar of a popular blogger, majorly an Influencer, who can accelerate your success.

Now comes the billion dollar question “How would you make the blog owner feel “WOW” with your comments?

Is it a comment that shovels heaps of praise onto the author? Or one that argues a persuasive alternative view? Or one that simply thanks the blogger for their insights?

Let’s figure this out the most important things you should be considering before Writing Quality Comments.

1. Adding a personal touch to your Greetings:

Just drop the name with “hi, hello, hey” etc. Eg. Hi Jack or Hey Bill.

It adds a value to your comment. Never start bluntly.

2. Pick a professional profile image:

Putting a profile picture online is a way of creating an authentic connection with the readers.

Get a head shot photo with a smiling face for your profile picture. That would do the magic.

3. Be Realistic:

Use for real name for commenting rather than an alias. The community needs to know who you really are so that you could be a trusted resource.

A Pseudo-Names would really not help in the long run.

4. Read before you Comment:

We all are busy with our daily life activities. However, it’s always recommended to read the article or blog before you actually comment on the same.

When you comment on a post after skimming it or – worse – not reading it at all, you greatly increase the chances you’ll say something silly.

5. The Perfect Reason:

You must have a reason to want to connect with them over any of the other million bloggers, you could be trying to connect with at that moment.

Chances are, you like them. You value them. You respect them.

So just go-ahead and mention them in your comments.


So writing quality comments to others blog is indeed a serious business and requires quite a personal touch along with a lot of reading and understanding. Nothing comes easy and getting noticed by Influencers would indeed make a big difference to your business.

It matter, so why not do the right way.

Choosing Domain Name – The Right Way

Whether you are a blogger, a start-up firm or an established enterprise, we all require a website to create our online presence. The first step in this process is to register a domain from any domain provider or web hoisting company.

So you need to pick a name for your online identity. Is it really a serious task?

Choosing a Domain Name was never an easy task. The selection of the domain name represents our business. So one has to make sure that it relevant and eventually helps you or your organization meet the goals.

So now comes the question, what are the important parameters, one should really consider, while choosing domain name?

Here’s a checklist of 10 common mistakes, which people do which choosing the domain names for a website.

1. Add a Numbers to the Domain:

Never add a numeric value in a domain name unless relevant. Many people add numbers to rank their websites at-par with a popular website. However, from SEO point of view, it’s a strict no no.

Real Website Name: www.booksforyou.co.in

Proposed Name for a new website: www.books4you.co.in

One should always prefer to have text only for a proposed domain name.

2. Lengthy Domain Name for the sake of relevance:

A Domain name should always be short and meaningful. People are really bad in remembering long phrases. So a lengthy domain name would never leave an impression in the mind of the readers.

Eg. www.webuildcomfortablehomes.com 

Just think if you would be comfortable reading that complete URL even for the first time?

3. Humor does not count on Professionalism:

The domain name is the first things your target audience comes across in cyberspace. Even Walt Disney (www.thewaltdisneycompany.com) which makes billion laugh across the globe opted for a professional domain name.

Eg. www.boomboom.com

Never go for funny meaningless words for choosing your domain name.

4. Using Miss Spelt Words:

Using miss-spelt words is just forbidden, when it comes to choosing your domain name.

Eg. www.luvguru.com

Again, Professionalism is the key.

5. Choosing Similar Names:

Never choose similar names of existing domains for driving traffic. It never works that way. Uniqueness is rather important for creating a Brand and shodowing a Brand would not turn visitors into leads.

Eg. www.gooogle.com

It would be rather soon enough that Google would mark your website as SPAM.

6. Using Dashes or Hyphens:

Never use Dashes or Hyphens in your domain name. Domain name should be such that it’s easy to write and memorize.

Eg. www.guide-to-success.com

Completely unprofessional!

7. Not Including The Keywords:

SEO is the most important parameter, if you are planning on driving more and more traffic to your website. One has to plan, place and promote the keyword within the domain for Domain authority purposes.

So a Tech related website should prefer to have “tech” in their domain name. Defining your niche, right from the domain name would definitely have an upper hand in ranking your website.

8. Unusual Domain Names:

Picking an unusual name for your blog or business might not be a very successful idea always. Again most people are very bad in memorizing uncommon names, which could be quite a challenge unless you are already a established brand.

Eg. www.choosepain.com

9. Foreign language Meaning for the Domain Name:

This is one step most of us, either neglect or not aware of, especially, if you are planning to have global audience. There are different meaning in different languages for the same word.

ALWAYS check the meaning of the domain name consulting google translate or any other relevant source.




10. Never Give up:

This is one thing, which each of us must have experienced while you are in the process of choosing domain name.

Gosh! It’s already taken…

Well, if you are serious about the name, just can just approach the website owner and see if he/she would be interested in selling the domain to you.

Websites like “www.whois.com” can help you get in touch with the Site Administrator and whose knows if the deal works out for you.

Further, you can also consider referring websites like www.sedo.com, which is the world’s largest market place for buying and selling domains.


This is not the end of the list. I am just bringing a few most common points, which might help you choosing your domain name next time. It’s a very important factor and could never be neglected.

Client Agency Dynamics

The relationship of a client with an agency is of crucial importance in the business world. Often times, the client believes that an agency exists to serve his/her needs, but that’s a very naïve and misguided form of thinking. Whenever there’s a strife between the two parties, things always turn sour eventually, and the arrangement ends up in shambles.

There comes a time in every business, when a client and an agency, are not on the same page. But, there are certain tips that an agency should consider when it finds itself on the other side of the greener pastures concerning a client.


#1. Prepare Accurate Client Goals

When you prepare accurate goals for your client and keep them up to date, there is a minimal chance of things ever going sour.

You cannot expect the client to keep a track of every order or request they send across to you, it is certainly the task of an agency to keep a track of invoices that are based on these orders, to show to the client that you’ve been on the right track.


#2. Keep Regular Touch With Clients

This is a very basic and common advice, but in reality, it isn’t so commonly followed. Agencies often ‘assume’ way more than they should, while the client waits in anticipation.

Once every week or 2 weeks, is an ideal start. Also keep in mind that, these meetings should only increase.

Informing the client about the recent happenings on a project is mainly the task of the project manager undertaking the assignment, but if that’s not possible, then the agency must appoint a special representative to communicate with the client, who is a part of the team and is well aware of all the developments.


#3. Respect Each Other’s Views

Say your client wasn’t very impressed with your ideas for a certain part of the project development and wants you to change a few things around, but, you are not willing. You, as an agency representative, feel that you should stick to your team’s hard work and support their viewpoint.

Obviously, neither of you are wrong here. You just have different opinions.

But, you must keep in mind, that the project belongs to the client and their vision also matters. They have every right to have a say, so you must incorporate that into your next team meeting and inform the team members about it.


#4. Rebrand Your Client As Invincible

One thing that you must do as an agency, is to secure a permanent place in your client’s mind. You do that by being an extension of their brand.

Most agencies are so caught up with impressing a client that they tend not to put an effort in the actual project. That is very counter-productive.

Don’t try to impress your client, just let your work do it for you.



In the process of maintaining a working relationship, it is important to not be overshadowed by a client, and adhering to agency’s guidelines is also essential.


Rebrand Your Client As Invincible, Respect Each Other's Views, Keep Regular Touch With Clients, Prepare Accurate Client Goals

Client-Agency Dynamics Image Credits: iMeet Central


5 Reasons Your Business needs a Mobile App

Increasingly small and medium businesses are following a technological trend knowing that an effective strategy involving more than just a responsive website, can transform their business for good, something like a mobile app. Companies that have a mobile app are ahead in the game when it comes to evolving their marketing tactics to the next most productive and profitable level.

If you are an SMB entrepreneur, you must have some doubts about the effectiveness and the need for a mobile app, and what it can do for your business. While your apprehensions are legitimate, it is also essential to think ahead and try to envision the big picture. To help you further see the blueprint clearly, here we state,

5 Key reasons to have a mobile app for your business

Cultivating Customer Loyalty Means Growth

mobile app

Image Credits: Business Insider


A mobile app signifies that you care about your clients. Regardless of the costs associated, you should consider a mobile app for the sole purpose of customer loyalty.

A mobile app is a brilliant way to let the client know that you care about their preferences and in return, they come back to you with even more business.

Build Brand & Recognition In The Market

mobile app for brand recognition

Image Credits: Fishtank Creative


A mobile app for your business can contribute a lot not only to your brand’s growth but also regarding recognition.

The more you advertise, the more users you will collect, which translates to more sales of your products & services. It is also called “effective frequency” in the advertising business.

The Power Of Information

loyalty points mobile app

Image Credits: paints4trade


Make your customers feel appreciated and show your generosity even more in the form of providing loyalty/reward points, cash back, and much more!

Such a great information at their fingertips through a mobile app can easily avail your incentive programs.

The result of this would be more downloads of your mobile app through a referral program and more credit in return from existing and also new customers.

Reasons to Build a Direct Marketing

direct marketing for mobile app

Image Credits: Roundark


The features of a mobile app can vary, but basically, it should provide general information, such as search options, pricing, user accounts, newest products in real time, messengers, news feeds, unique content, and more.

Another big advantage of having a mobile application is that all the information you would like to offer to your customers- including sales and special promotions- will be immediately sent.

Be noticeable to customers

According to a research conducted by Informate Mobile Intelligence, in the U.S. alone, people in the age groups of  25 to 54 check their Facebook, Twitter, and other social media accounts a staggering amount of 17 times per day! With so many hours spent using smartphones full of various mobile apps, you wonder the possibilities your business can reach by providing a quality and timely service to these users.

Final Words:

By employing an effective strategy, you can boost the sales of your company not only for your personal benefit but also for your investors. Remember, this smart move will reap a lot of benefits that are prosperous for your business.

5 Tools To Check Competitors Onsite SEO

There are tons of SEO tools that monitor not only the website performance but also your competitors. The good news? We probably already use them for other stuff.The onsite analysis reveals the competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. It helps to determine what to incorporate and avoid in the strategy. Does the title or heading begin with a keyword? A recent study found that pages beginning titles or headings with a keyword ranked above those with a keyword at the middle or end, Are they using SEO-friendly URLs? These are effectively, short and ‘pretty;’ avoiding sporadic combinations of letters and numbers for IDs and parameters and following a practical structure. For awesome competitive intelligence, add the following SEO tools to marketing stack:

Alexa – Monitor Traffic Tool

Alexa allows tracking global web traffic of the website and competitor websites. “Information is power,” It is a tool that you can use to transform data into competitive value for the business. It lets you spy on the competitors’ backlinks, traffic, keywords etc. It is interesting to compare similar websites in niche: get data on international competitors and website rankings for an overall picture.

SpyFu – View Competitor Keywords

Let’s view all data on competitors’ keywords in both organic search and Adwords and get even more related keywords. You just need to add competitors’ keywords and get an overall view of their strategy.

How to best use SpyFu: This is a good tool to research niches, new keywords, and plan tests. View the destination URL for each ad in order to see how the competition is utilizing landing pages.

SE Ranking – Track Rankings

SE Ranking helps you monitor competitors’ search rankings on any engines and target regions, up to five projects per website.One can get detailed reports on all major competitors, including data on their average positions, traffic forecast, and website visibility. How to best use SE Ranking: The tool gives brief information on the top 10 websites for each of the queries. If you want to track anything in more detail, add it to the ‘Main Competitors’ tab and track for getting more details.

SEMRush – Keyword Research | Competitor Research | Site Audit | Backlink Analysis

SEMRush is an SEO audit tool that provides a very complex website analysis with a lot of useful data about the competitors related to links and traffic. SEMRush shows SERPs & keywords and it’s updated in real time. It is a versatile tool that helps to conduct competitive research on any domain name and to use the data to optimize campaigns.

SimilarWeb – Increased Rank | Visitors | and Revenue

Similar Web is primarily a competitive analysis tool for digging into a site, app or platform. Top brands use it because it’s versatile and provides one of the most accurate insight sets about any given site. One can compare the traffic statistics from two or more competitors.

Get an overall SEO snapshot or blueprint, compare all the results, and build up a new marketing strategy. There are tons of SEO tools that monitor not only the website performance but also that of the competitors.It can help to analyze the backlinks of bloggers and webmasters in the field to build up the own link building strategy, build quality links from the competitors, and write link bait content.You can also estimate the traffic increase based on keyword positioning and efforts to boost good backlinks to a certain website. The last but not the least that the great team and their efforts always boost to attain competitive goal and key to success for any business units either physical or digital.

Is Blogging Effective For Growing Your Business?

Every business owner dreams to have a constantly growing business and applies all the possible techniques for this purpose. Most of the businessmen know that they cannot make this dream come true without an effective marketing strategy and therefore, they do everything for enhancing the marketing process.

With time, marketing strategies change their form and marketing professionals tried to develop new ideas to bring more customers. Nowadays, marketing serves every business in the form of digital marketing. Yes! Businesses use nowadays digital media platforms to market their products. All the digital platforms have their own benefits but these days, blogging is emerging as a most beneficial digital platform for business owners. Whether you’re running a small, medium or large-scale business, blogging is worth the time and effort. Blogging allows you to show a personal side of your business in front of prospective customers. It gives a sense of vision and personality of your company.

Be it the conventional business or online business, blogging can make people aware about the brand. If you’re writing useful content, you’ll represent yourself as a reputable voice in your industry. The basic objective of a business blog is to enhance brand awareness, engage users, improve sales, outsmart your competitors, create an active community in your niche, convert users into prospective customers and attain more search engine visibility.

If you search for any information on the internet using any search engine, you will surprisingly find several results in the form of blogs. This phenomenon shows the vitality of blogs in the age of cut – throat competition.

Certainly, you can grow your business with the help of an effective blog. Even we would say that if you do not have a blog, you are going to miss a vast number of potential customers.

We can give you several reasons for making a blog for your business or your website like:

  • With an effective blog, you can present yourself globally
  • Having a blog, you can reach more potential customers
  • Blogs help you in bringing more business directly or indirectly
  • In the form of a blog, you have a tremendous platform to tell about your business, goals, offerings, and your services
  • A blog on your website brings your customers repeatedly
  • Visitors are easily converted into customers with blogging
  • You can present yourself as an expert in your field with the help of a blog
  • A blog on the website make relationship with the customers

It’s no secret that industries can drive business with blogging. We have compiled a few industries that could be benefited from blogging.

  • Bakeries
  • Banking
  • Cleaning Company
  • Construction
  • Counseling
  • Dentists
  • Education
  • Event Planning
  • Food Packaging
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hotels
  • Law Firms
  • Non-Profits

Now we have some initial tips for you for using a blog effectively.

Setting Up A Blog:

You can have your own blog on your website that is actually a brilliant idea. Customers always look for fresh information. Therefore, instead of reading your web pages, they would like to read your regularly updated blogs. You can set a blog frequently using free blog websites or using paid services. Having a separate blog is also a great idea when you have a lot to say to your audience.

Update Your Blog Regularly:

Updating a blog is essential as visitors really like to have something new about your business or whatever they want. Update your blog with fresh information using SEO content rules. Search engines are friendly for newly present information. Organize content in such a way that a user can navigate through your blog with ease.

Market Your Blog:

If you have a separate blog, you must market your blog using different digital marketing techniques like social media etc. Moreover, set up your free blog websites according to search engines. Once your blog is popular, you cannot imagine how effective result it would bring for you.

These tips are only the start to grow your business through blogging. As you step in, you would enjoy more powers of blogging.