How App Maker from Google help App Development Industry

Google has launched the new exiting and useful service for the not so techno savvy people with the introduction of brand new low code App development tool called as App Maker. Earlier we had G suite, which would help us to work with real-time collaboration for bringing teams together or with machine intelligence which would help us to speed up our work. But now with this new App Maker you can build and deploy custom Apps quickly which tailor to your organizations requirements.

With the launch of App Maker Google is taking Applications which are required for early access to the tool from the organizations that have to pay for G suite Business service tier. This new service is very easy to use and lets user to just drag and drop the widgets around in the user interface . They can also be customized with HTML, CSS, scripts, Java scripts, and JQuery content. You will also be able to monitor usage of your App with the help of Google Analytics  once the Apps are live.

Let’s see how this is going to revolutionize App development industry

You will be encounter many other  benefits which may not be listed here now. But believe me App Maker will make your App development very easy

  1. Easy to use:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      This service is very easy to use and also useful for the people who are less familiar with the technical details. So you don’t need to be full time developer to manage the App Maker. Also this will surely help IT team to spent less time in answering the requests from less technical people.
  2. Help for Line-of-businesses:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       App Makers have targeted mostly to enterprise developers who are in need for building line-of-business solution for their complete company, but who want it to be simple and less complicated.
  3. No need for infrastructure:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You are not to worry about maintaining the required infrastructure to run your Apps here. The Apps which App Maker builds will run on the same data center infrastructure as Google Calendar, Google drive, and Gmail. But this is not cloud computing and storage infrastructure where people can pay through Google Cloud platform. So here focus is solely on delivery and not on infrastructure.
  4. Solution for every need of your organization:                                                                                                                                                                                                      App Maker is build and integrated to tailor for each and every need of an organization. It will help you with wide range of Applications which can be customized to serve the needs of your organization. It also connects with a wide range of APIs and data sources. So its solution for all needs for your organization.
  5. Support for many services:                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         You can achieve unique flexibility with App Maker. Here they have given build-in support for all G Suite products. They have also given support for many other popular services like Maps, Groups, Contacts and more. You can also have the benefits of Google cloud services such as Directory API and prediction API. You can also use any third party APIs for creating more intelligent and richer Application experience.


So these are few interesting benefits which you will have with the Google App Maker. The launch of App Maker has certainly  started the competition with other low code App making tools such as PowerApps,  Mendix, Appian, App cloud  and OutSystems etc. But it surely offers more useful benefits as compared to them. The App Maker is based on the technologies which Google has already used for making its 300+ Apps. So it is sure to be one to trust.

So this new player which Google has introduced by the name of  Google App Maker is here to make the life of enterprises and businesses easy by its drag and drop building features and server less infrastructure and eliminate the need of dedicated  developers. So enjoy this new technology and enhance your business further.

Why your Business should migrate from Conventional Email to G Suite

What’s the first thing which comes to your mind, if you are planning to start your own business.

“Customer” or “Client” would be an obvious answer.

Now to communicate to a client or customer, you need an email address from an Web Hosting Company.

However, did you know that you can easily get business email addresses with the exact same Gmail user experience that you and your staff have become accustomed to?

That’s where G Suite comes in. The email offering within G Suite is simply a business version of Gmail. No training is needed for current Gmail users.

You may or may not be fully aware of the extent of your free Gmail account functionality — but your Gmail accounts include Google Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Drawings, Google My Maps and Google Sites.

G Suite includes collaborative business versions of all of these and more.

Benefits of migrating to G-Suite


Your company owns all employee email accounts. Your employees don’t own them. Within G Suite administration, if someone leaves the company, you can also access all of that person’s email history. Similarly, with G Suite, all Google Docs, Slides and Sheets created by employees are owned by the company.

Document Sharing:

It’s easier to share documents with your team when you’re all on the same platform.

Group Email Address:

You can easily route emails sent to that type of address to multiple people or to a customer service system such as Zendesk, Freshdesk or Salesforce. There’s no additional cost for creating group email addresses. Also, you can add as many as you want.

Email Client Compatibility:

Email clients like Thunderbird and Outlook can be easily configured. Further, multiple email addresses can also be configured through a single Email client.

Storage Capacity:

For G Suite Basic, the storage capacity is 30 GB per user and your company can always choose to upgrade. There are various options available to choose from.

Extra Security:

G Suite has an important layer of security that can be enforced for all users, if the admin decides to do so. This layer is known as 2-Step Verification. With 2-Step Verification is particularly important if you decide to use Google Drive as the cloud backup standard for company PCs or your Macs. If employees are automatically backing up a lot of local files to the cloud, you never know what sensitive information might be getting synchronized.

CRM Integration:

G Suite is compatible CRM system called ProsperWorks. You can also synchronize G Suite components with Salesforce using Cirrus Insight.

Single Sign-On:

Users can be set up use your G Suite credentials to sign in to cloud business applications such as DocuSign, Marketo, Salesforce and Slack, without having to re-enter their usernames and passwords for these applications.

Custom Branding:

Instead of having the Google logo at the top left of your users’ screens, your company’s logo can be prominently displayed within all of G Suite.


With G Suite, there is 24/7 phone, email and chat customer support.

Easy Migration:

Keep in mind that you can easily forward your personal Gmail account to your business account. That way, whether people send email to your “old” account or to your “new” business account, all email will end up in your G Suite inbox.

Cost Effective:

G Suite does come at a cost: $5 per user per month.

Introduction to Google Firebase

Google firebase is a new exciting application platform for the passionate developers for building superior high quality apps. This application development platform enables the developer with all the necessary tools and infrastructure which is required to design various mobile as well as web applications.

This new platform by Google is a mixture of all complementary features that a developer can mix and match according to his requirement and design an application that fits his needs.

Firebase is developed from Envolve  – a small startup company founded by Lee and Tamplin in 2011. Envolve  enabled developers to useAPIs which helped them integrate online chats into their websites. But later it was found by Lee and Tamplin that the service was actually used by the developers to pass the data of application that was not actually chat messages. So Lee and Tamplin divided two completely separate services- the real-time architecture and the chat system and this is how Firebase company started. Later Google acquired it on 21st  October 2014 and hence it is now grown inside Google. Firebase has now integrated and expanded its services to become one of the unified mobile development platform for developers.

Firebase Services

Let us now have a brief look at the various services that Firebase platform offers to developers to ease their development efforts.

  1. Firebase Analytics: This is a free application measurement remedy that can provide a developer facility to understand better about the application usages and how much time the application is being used by the user.
  2. Firebase cloud messaging: Firebase cloud messaging (FCM) is a cross platform solution for the Android, iOS and also web based applications for the services related to messages as well as notifications. The best thing is currently this service is free of cost, so you can really enjoy the benefits it offers without worrying about the cost.FCM was earlier known as Google Cloud messaging (GCM).
  3. Facility for Realtime database: One of the other exciting thing about Firebase is that it gives realtime database and backend as its service. This gives application developer an API which allows application data synchronization across clients to be stored on Firebase cloud. Firebase also provides security by using server-side-enforced security rules.
  4. Firebase Auth: This service authenticates users by using only client side code. It also provides social login for GitHub, Twitter, Facebook and Google.
  5. Storage: Firebase also provides a very secure way for uploading and downloading of the Firebase apps despite of network quality. The storage can be used for images, videos, audios, or any other content. This storage is backed with Google Cloud storage which is one of the simple and cost effective object storage service.
  6. Hosting: Firebase Hosting acts like a static web hosting service that supports hosting of static files like CSS, HTML, JavaScript or any other static files.
  7. App Indexing by Firebase :This was earlier called as Google App Indexing, This will get your app in the Google search. This can help you in two ways for example it will show your app in the Google search and 2nd is it also provides the facility of query auto completions.
  8. Testing of android application: Firebase Test Lab is an cloud based infrastructure that enables developers to test Android applications. With only one operation developer can test their apps across wide verity of devices having different device configurations.
  9. Firebase Notifications: This is a free service that enables targeted notifications to users for mobile app developers.
  10. Dynamic link by Firebase: These are smart URLs that can dynamically change their behavior to provide the best experience across a wide range of platforms.
  11. Firebase invites: Firebase Invites is a solution for sending SMS invitations, emails, on-boarding users and also measuring the effect of those invitations.
  12. Earn Money with Admob: You can also earn money by using Admob- a Google product which is integrated with Firebase and it enables developers to earn money by showing engaging ads to global audience.

So these are some of the services which this new exiting application will provide you. There are also many other advantages of using Google Firebase which may not be listed here, but you may encounter it as you use it. The sole vision of Firebase is to help developers in building better applications and encourage them  to grow a successful business

How Microsoft Office 365 boost your Business Productivity?

It’s no secret that productivity and time management are important for every business. Microsoft Office 365 is one of the fastest-growing commercial products in the enterprise. According to Microsoft’s recent report, Microsoft Office 365 is the most profitable business product of the company. Majority of businesses move to Microsoft Office 365 as they want email with it. Microsoft Office 365 utilizes the Exchange email program with Microsoft Outlook. It is also known as Hosted Exchange. It is too easy to use all business class features of this email software without worrying about its maintenance and update.

Here are a few benefits of Microsoft Office 365 for your business?
Robust Security:

According to the objectives of your business, security can be strict or lenient with Microsoft Office 365. This commercial product allows you to choose who can access. Keep in mind that with Office 365, software and applications handle automatically.


After security, reliability is the most common area of concern. Microsoft Office 365 office a service level agreement (SLA) and has over 99 percent scheduled uptime. Microsoft has numerous data centers around the globe hosting redundant network architecture. In case there is an outage at any data center, another data center acts as a backup. Customers hosted by the first data center are shifted to another with no interruption.

Better and Faster Results:

Today, Microsoft Office 365 is the new generation of alteration. Now, employees can be more organized and prolific. This commercial product blends email, chat, and phone all into a place. All these applications emerge on a single page and are accessible via any device anytime and anywhere. With Office 365, the company gets better and faster results and the employee gains efficiency and productivity.

Ease of Use:

At its core, Office 365 is the commercial product as Microsoft Office 2013 but with more powerful options to meet business requirements. If you are familiar with any version of Microsoft applications, you can easily use Office 365. Even the additional options and of Office 365 are quite easy to use.

Get Organized:

Email, meetings and contact management are important in every business. When you use Microsoft Office 365, calendar, email and contacts are synchronized to collaborate and work efficiently.

Work From Anywhere:

The another benefit of Office 365 is that users can work from anywhere and anytime without bothering about connectivity and security. There is no restriction to the way people communicate over this platform. Whether sitting at your kitchen table or in a bus, business communication is not delayed by location.

Skype for Business:

Skype for Business provides great Microsoft Office 365 functionality for online meetings, video conferencing and messaging as productivity tools for small-scale, large-scale and medium-scale business. Users can connect through Skype, talk via their desktop or phone.

Reduce Complexity:

Using Microsoft Office 365, difficulty and complexity are reduced. Everything is managed effectively and efficiently within the cloud.

Reduce Costs of IT Infrastructure:

Microsoft Office 365 alters the payment model. This platform is charged on a per user per monthly basis. No hidden charges are involved in the use of Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 is the most flexible option for scalability. This commercial product will not only save you money but will also improve the rate at which you can counter industry changes.

By incorporating Microsoft Office 365 to your office, your business place will become more efficient and productive. It offers the right tools into a single outlet and enhances the ability to communicate and collaborate.

Google re-brands it’s "Apps for Work" as G-Suite

It’s no secret that 1 billion people use the Google’s public cloud. Google re-branded Google Apps as ‘G Suite’, a newly coined suite. The rebranding efforts by the company are to simplify its services and showcase the best-in-class cloud services. The re-branding shows a change in the “Google Apps for work”. Earlier Google apps were used on the personal domain for a mutual effort for businesses to develop. Now, G Suite is a set of intelligent apps to bring people together for leveraging the potential of machine learning and natural language processing. G Suite brings together Gmail, Docs, Drive, Hangouts, Calendar and other productivity tools.

G suite comes up with the latest functionality which falls under following categories:

  • Documents
  • Spreadsheets
  • Scheduling
  • Storage
  • Presentations
  • Drive for teams
  • Meeting for teams
Benefits of G Suite
  • Quick Access:

G Suite utilizes machine learning to predict the files you need. Quick access is available globally for G Suite users on Android.

  • “Scheduling” in Calendar:

If you use G Suite, “Find a time” allows you to schedule meetings much faster in Calendar on Android.

  • Team Drive:

Google offers more granular control over access to content by team.

  • Explore in Docs, Slides and Sheets:

“Explore in Docs, Slides and Sheets” feature allows users to execute queries on their data through conversational text and to take benefit of design suggestions.

For businesses which are looking to boost efficiency that focuses on machine learning capability, G Suite is an intuitive place to start. Google has been in the machine learning practice for a long time and therefore, functions such as Quick Access and Explore must work smoothly.

Features such as smarter spreadsheets with Explore option to summarize the data will also be incorporated. Other remarkable things include smarter presentations with image detection and created layout suggestions that enhance work. New features of Google G Suite consist of Drive and Meetings for team, these team-focused features are limited as the company works on polishing the tools for all-purpose availability. This rebranding comes up with the collection of services offered by Google under “Google Cloud”.

The new features of Google G Suite are designed to help users take benefit of the current abilities in Google’s set of applications. The feature takes benefits of machine intelligence and heuristics capabilities to detect action items. The feature takes benefits of machine intelligence and heuristics capabilities to detect action items. G Suite is a smart version of Google’s Forms tool to build surveys. This new tool takes benefit of network technology to analyze the type of questions that a user asks. Google also gives new ways to customize documents and spreadsheets to G suite users. This tool includes support for changing text color, adding commands, deleting words, voice typing and formatting documents in numerous ways. G suite also makes it easier for users using the cloud-based collaboration tool to bring files from Drive or to create new Documents.

G Suite is the brand name for Google Apps. Google announced this name change in September, 2016 to showcase the broader manner in which business use applications. G Suite’s new features allow users to collaborate effectively and efficiently using productivity apps.