How Important is Font Style for Web Design?

The Effectiveness Of A Font:

A font is a set of characters in a single style in which; the interpretation of the source depends on psychological, cultural & social factors of each.

The typography is as significant as the word; which has always been the principal element of media. It’s what provides the visual emphasis on verbal concepts.

We know that the visual aspect of content makes all the difference. It’s how the process of improving a project, be it a logo design or web building is brought to completion.

A font style is a source that is involved in everything, from content creation to writing and promoting the same. Also, it directly affects the way in which your audience is receptive to it.

Also, the company creates a perceptible identification through this source, composing an image to permeate in the minds of people. It’s important for a company to choose the right kind of font style, the one that matches its characteristics and concepts based on the values of the firm.

It produces a deeper impact because, it acquires a higher degree of interpretation in the ability to communicate, and gives birth to practical reasoning spanning economic, social and political factors. Therefore, a befitting font type must be selected to relay the simple business fundamentals.

There are thousands of fonts. In a constant search for renewals and more compelling alternatives, typographical designers formulate new fonts every day. The whole process would seem like a plate-full, so the obvious question arises, “how to seek the ideal font?”

To find the most appropriate font style is to shape the visual identity of your brand, product or service; might be an internal question since each has its uniqueness, but it’s mandatory to examine certain aspects when choosing how to:

  • Technical & conceptual modules related to the project

  • Tone of the message- readability, and usability

  • Page composition & the type of textual content

  • Association with graphical elements on the page

  • Adaptability

The Art Producing A Font:

The font style is as much part of the message as the written content. There is no design without a font.

The best tip is to have all the elements create a harmonic balance to convey the explicit messages formed in a visual. Also, something that reflects expectancies in the content to achieve the graphical objective.

The history of fonts is one of the oldest and has been passed on through generations, thereby becoming a remarkable feature of the communication resources.

In the early days, developing a typographic family was a process that required meticulous detailing to deliver quality and readability, because its efficiency is in perfection. To the present day, a font style is used to express values.


It’s a known fact that graphic design contemplates several steps and methodologies, and the font speaks on behalf of it.

A font is an essential ingredient within which; a context delineates personality of an entire set of elements that gives it shapes, becoming one of the principal emitters of messages.

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Benefits of Creating a Membership Site

Membership sites are available in numerous shapes and sizes. These sites are geared towards a potential audience with varying objectives, utilized by non-profit and for-profit businesses. Nowadays, membership sites are becoming highly popular. You don’t need a complex practice for starting a membership site. By utilizing an online membership model, you can get a stream of income with a great amount of traffic. We have compiled a few benefits of owning your membership website.

Consistent Stream of Income:

When you offer any service through a membership site, your customers pay you for the right to access your content. The successful membership sites start by providing value in the form of free content. It aids in creating a large membership base and earn the trust of the members who are familiar with the quality of products that are being offered.

Best Approach to Implement Internet Marketing Practices:

Keep in mind that when you build a membership site and sign up to join your site as a member, you entrust with your email address, time and money.

Long-Term Success:

Keep in mind that there is no long-term success without loyalty. It is one of the top benefits of creating a membership site. Loyalty from members enhances engagement. Furthermore, you offer innovative opportunities not just for your paying subscribers but also for yourself.

Reputation For Your Business:

A membership site is one of the best ways to help other businesses. You will not only gain extra income but you will also have a reputable brand. It is a powerful business model which helps you make a name and fame for yourself and enhances your credibility and authority as a business owner. It is advisable to treat your membership site well for long-term results.

Improve Security:

One of the top benefits of starting a membership site focuses on quality control. When you become the member of this site, you have the potential to help your subscribers in the best way. With free or paid membership sites, you can help your business succeed.


A membership site offers an endless opportunity not only for your customers but for yourself. As a business owner, you must explore innovative ideas and ways to enhance your offers. It allows for enhanced market research and technical management practices.

Starting Your Next Service is Profitable:

The benefits of successful membership sites don’t just limited to your current one. You can easily come up with variations of your membership’s broad concept to start other websites based on that same concept. You can also introduce a higher-paying tier of your current business provide extra goodies i.e. video tutorials etc.

Leverage Your Knowledge:

If you are running your own business then starting a membership site is the best way to illustrate your knowledge and experience. It is advisable to pack your membership full of knowledge and expertise you already have. If you are a blogger or kind of expert, a membership site offers a commercial element which confirms your experience and gives you something tangible to sell. A membership site is one of the top ways to leverage your skills and experience. Leverage your skills and experience to free yourself from ‘time for money’ trap.

Easy to Maintain:

It’s no secret that the maintenance of a membership site is straightforward. Updating your membership is seamless with WordPress and you can add functionality with ease. You can spend a lot of quality time in creating the valuable products of your subscribers instead of stressing about maintaining the operation of your website. Many successful owners of free or paid membership sites run and maintain numerous sites.

With the use of a membership site, you can invest in your business, while viewing new subscribers and enhance revenue month after month.

How Important is Material Design for Web Development?

Material design is the new buzzword in the IT industry. It is a design language developed by Google in June 2014. It was first used on Android apps but frequently spread into web development. It brings a consistent look to web pages across different platforms via colorful graphics. Material design is not about how to use color and how to set timing. It’s all about how the details merge to create a strong brand experience. It is Google’s idea of how web pages should look across all devices.

Material design comes with a specific set of guidelines. It offers an integrated experience across all devices. Basically, the material design combines the elements of web design with the features of modern technology and science. Color selection in material design is bold and graphic.

Material Design is specially designed to be uniform across all devices and is not confined to just tablet or iPhone. Material Design highlights an innovative and systematic approach and strives to make it highly consistent. We have compiled some important information about material design to help you create the best websites.

Foundation of Web Design and Development:

Well, there are numerous options to develop a website but it is imperative to choose the right one. If you want to develop a compelling website, choose material design. It sets a standard for the design. The user-friendly interface ensures that the website is user-friendly.


Google introduced material design for web and mobile. It reduces cost of designer and developer for multiple platforms. It is the simplest one-stop design solution for all the platforms.

Ease of Handling Errors:

Material design reviews basic errors and correct them. Mechanism detects the error in material design. It also uses a corrective option to fix the error.

Attention to Motion:

Another feature of material is that it focuses on motion. All the motions take place in a single environment. All motions are appropriate. Transition is also an important element for the material design.

Material is Just a Word:

The whole design is based on the material world with the material being the theory of a rationalized space. Material design turns an element of physical reality to the digital.


Material design transforms the look of the Android ecosystem. It standardizes the graphic layout of Android. Google has also set up a grid for spacing and to improve readability across all devices.

Elements of Material Design:

For material design, responsive animation, website layout, padding and depth effects are used. The material design takes the designing further in the digital world. It eliminates the drawbacks of offline development.

Utilize Elevation With Card Design:

If you follow web development trends regularly, be sure to find the card design. This type of design is also used in the material design. Keep in mind that there is something more intuitive in using card design for material design than an easy-to-use interface. While developing websites, it is imperative to add an ‘elevation value’ to cards. In this way, cards will become easy to view.

Higher Use of Visuals:

Today, the use of visuals is becoming more popular in the development of websites. Material design makes it highly popular. It includes important elements like color selection, scale, grids, space and typography. All these elements make the web development more attractive. These elements play a vital role in giving a description to the whole web development.

Set Framework:

Material design offers a set framework to provide a good look to the website interface. It is done by initiating some set standards. As designers follow the proper standards, it is expected that web designs are more likely to fall into place. So, web development can become highly consistent and enhance the user experience.

Free Material Design Icons:

While designing a website, there is a need of numerous material design icons. You will get a number of icons on the web. These material design icons are highly efficient. You might even find a few free icons to have a strong user experience.

It’s no secret that material design has gained popularity these days. We must say that material design aims to give amazing looks to the websites. Web development can be made user-friendly using material designs. Material design is one of the best design languages to develop the best websites.

Why Fortune 500 Companies Use WordPress as CMS?

It’s no secret that a professional and fully functional website is the key to success for every business. WordPress is the most popular CMS for businesses worldwide. Many of us think WordPress is merely a blogging platform. Yes, it has started out as a blogging platform. But now WordPress has become a full-fledged CMS i.e. Content Management System. It means this platform not only powers blogs but also millions of online businesses and personal websites worldwide. Believe it or not, WordPress powers over 60% of the top millions business websites using CMS. Let me share a list of some Fortune 500 companies using WordPress as a CMS.

  • Walmart
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Apple
  • Nokia
  • UPS
  • Xerox
  • Honda
  • GE
  • Coca-Cola
  • Ford Motor
  • AT&T

We have compiled top reasons why Fortune 500 utilizes WordPress as a CMS. Keep reading to know the reasons of using WordPress as the most popular CMS.

Blogging Dominance:

The focus of any website must be on unique and relevant content.  You have probably heard the phrase i.e. content is king. And it is 100% true. With WordPress platform, you can easily publish and update all your content to boost your SEO and enhance your social media strategies. You know what? Blogging has become WordPress’ bread and butter.

Free Open-Source:

Open-source platform means software is free. WordPress is supported by the most extensive community of CMS developers. This open-source platform means greater security, high-quality development, cost-effective and flexibility. You can use this open-source again and again without worrying about licensing and ownership issues.


WordPress is not merely for text-based blog posts. This platform make it easy to manage multimedia such as photos, videos etc. No coding experience needed! You can easily add or update your content to consistently promote your brand or business.


For users looking for advanced functionality i.e. social media buttons or shopping carts, WordPress offers a number of plug-ins and widgets. Trust me, your website will be robust and secure as you look for.

Easy to Reach Out To Clients:

Fortune 500 companies have customers across the globe and social media channels can help them reach out to their clients easily. With a single click, WordPress can publish to social media channels. So, it is easy to reach out to your clients as they are always up-to-date about your brand or business through WordPress.

42,000+ Plugins for WordPress:

WordPress plugins are free to download. There are over 42,000 plugins available for WordPress and 100+ premium plugins. With thousands of plugins, it becomes easy to extend the functionality of WordPress.

Enhance Speed To Launch And Market:

WordPress is a feature-rich open-source that works right out of the box. This open-source platform improves the website speed to launch and market.

Search-Engine Friendly:

WordPress is built with SEO in mind and a number of plugins are available to help you promote your website. This open-source platform helps your website to rank nicely on popular search engines. You can easily and intuitively set up page titles, headings, images and meta tags as the way you need to set up.

Most User-Friendly CMS:

WordPress tops the list when it comes to user-friendliness. This open-source is easy-to-use and intuitive. WordPress is the most popular CMS due to easy and quick customizability.

Handle 90% Of Google’s Crawling Issues:

Websites built with WordPress can rank higher in search engines as the CMS handles 90% of Google’s crawling issues. Best WordPress websites are search-engine and user friendly.

Available to Download in 57 Languages:

Yes! It’s true. WordPress delivers content to visitors worldwide in several languages. If you are not familiar with English, you can download this open-source in Bengali, Danish, Esperanto or any other language. Around 37.3% of English language websites utilize WordPress open-source.

Thriving Development Community:

Millions of users use and contribute to WordPress development to make the best CMS out there. This open-source is a solid platform for any businesses. The biggest benefit of using WordPress as a CMS is that improvements to bug fixes, security and upgrades will be available for free.

Extendable Platform:

Looking for social media? Forums? E-commerce? Event management? All these features are available through WordPress. This open-source has evolved into a sophisticated CMS that handles multimedia, syndication and social media features.

E-Commerce Solutions:

Whether you need a small store or large-scale enterprise, this open-source has eCommerce solution to meet your business needs. If you are looking to set up a network of online stores with single central code base, WordPress is there for you. It is easy to manage WordPress eCommerce stores.

Website Will Grow With Business:

No doubt, best WordPress websites are scalable. You can add a number of pages or blog posts on your website to improve its performance.

For WordPress, the cost of implementation is too low and you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars to make the platform user-friendly and SEO-friendly. Fortune 500 companies prefer to use WordPress as a CMS and hope you are clear with the reasons now.

WooCommerce vs Magento – Which is Better for Your Business?

Choosing an ideal eCommerce platform for your business is a great decision. I know, I know! There are a number of e-commerce platforms but Magento and WooCommerce are the popular and best eCommerce platforms. If you are planning to start an online business, these two platforms are more likely to be on the top of your list. Still, the question is: Which eCommerce platform should choose to power your new business? Well, it’s no secret that they both have their strengths for different needs. Magento is a standalone product owned by eBay and WooCommerce is a plugin for WordPress. The eCommerce platforms are quite easy to set up. Keep in mind that these platforms come up with minimal set-up costs.

First and foremost, Magento and WooCommerce are open source eCommerce platforms. It implies no monthly subscription charges and no hidden charges. Both these eCommerce platforms are sleek and robust and allow business owners to add a number of products with excellent security. You don’t have to spend much money to set up and use these platforms. Both these eCommerce platforms are affordable. Magento and WooCommerce have excellent security, robustness and flexibility. With these few similarities, there are some slight differences between these eCommerce platforms.  Now let’s have a look at the difference: Magento vs. WooCommerce.

Setting Up:

Yes yes! Setting up a new business comes up with several hurdles. And you don’t want your eCommerce platform to be the hurdle for your start-up business. If you are a WordPress user and want to choose the eCommerce platform then it makes sense to go for WooCommerce. WooCommerce platform is perfect for beginners and WordPress professionals. You all know that WordPress is quite easy to use and WooCommerce is its extension. So, this eCommerce platform is easy to set up and use.

Magento eCommerce platform is also easy to use and it also comes with tutorials to help you out. For using this platform, you may look forward to hire a Magento-specialist developer.


Generally, both these platforms are free. You just need to spend money while expanding functionality. Free or paid extensions are available for both these eCommerce platforms. If you are looking to hire a developer, you will find a WooCommerce developer more easily.

Magento development will cost more as it is more robust. It is advisable to hire a magento developing company which is committed to quality control and several testing processes.


With open source eCommerce platforms, you must be able to have a shopping cart facility and upload business products. Magento has a wide set of functions and features. Some of its features are: selling, discounts and comparisons on online sales. This eCommerce platform lets you bring together many online shopping stores in a single dashboard. Magento is perfect for multiple store management and websites with large eCommerce.

Some of the top features of Magento are highlighted as follows:
  • Ability to up-sell and cross-sell product
  • Product comparison and discount features
  • Multiple online stores into single dashboard

On the other hand, WooCommerce is built on WordPress. It is able to do all the fundamentals of eCommerce. You will be able to upload and organize infinite products. You can also add reviews, product categories and best sellers. It has several features that Magento lacks. This open source platform is developed for SMEs and perfect for small websites.

Here are some of the major features of WooCommerce:
  • Upload up to 2,500 products
  • Strong functionality
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Extension of WordPress
  • Media rich snippets
  • Add categories by name and feature

Future Development:

Magento has Enterprise Edition offering extra features but not affordable. On the other hand, WooCommerce can be integrated into the WordPress websites easily. Among both open source eCommerce platforms, WooCommerce is backed by a strong development community which makes website development easy and quick.

Magento vs. WooCommerce! So, which is the platform you should be going with? Trust me, there is no right or wrong platform. Both these platforms are unique in their own with special features. From the above information, it is obvious that WooCommerce is ideal for start-ups and small businesses. And Magento is perfect for large enterprises. To put it more consistently: WooCommerce is popular for selling intangible goods i.e. intellectual property and Magento is good for selling tangible goods. WooCommerce platform has everything that you need for your online shopping store. This platform has gained great popularity and reputation due to its convenience. Both these systems are considered as the best ecommerce platforms.

If you want a simple and easy platform to go with, then WooCommerce is perfect for you. And for complex product functionalities, you can choose Magento. Both these open source eCommerce platforms have their own pros and cons. Choose the one that can power your business!

2016 Best Web Design Practices For A Great Website

We all know that the first impression is the last impression. So, when it comes to website design, your website must be quite impressive and user-friendly. Great websites don’t get designed by accident. All you need to do is pick the best web design practices. A website is successful only if it is relevant, well-designed and user-friendly. Well, different web design and development project have different requirements, there are a few design practices that are same to all websites. In this article, we will take a look at the best web design practices for a great website.

Keep the Website Design Simple and Unique: Yes, simple and unique! Your business website reflects your business. It is the first impression and image that a visitor will form when they visit your website for the first time. If your website looks similar to other sites, then you may miss the chance to create a good impression. Keep in mind that your visitors will become your potential customers if they find your website relevant and unique.

Consider the Domain: Yes, it’s the most important web design practice to consider. Your web domain will communicate all important information to your visitors. It may also tell what your business is all about. Or it is considered as the most effective way for people to reach out to your website. If you can’t find a website URL that matches your business name, you can choose to change the name or find an alternative URL that includes the business name. Generally, top-notch domain providers advertise that you can register your domains at low prices. Mostly people like to pay it on the yearly basis. Most of the people pay for the registration due to the lack of complete information. The truth is out here! The discount that the companies claim is only available for the first billing cycle and from the next billing cycle, they need to pay the full price of the domain.

Advertise Your Business Products and Services: Well, it’s obvious that you are selling your business product or service. Be sure to clearly and consistently showcase that business product on the homepage of your website. Generally, thousands of websites fail to showcase their products or services. So, make sure that you add product images and descriptions in a clean and crisp manner. Having a great website is not merely enough. It is imperative to add best product photos to attract prospective customers.

Make Your Website Easily Accessible: It is imperative to make your website easily accessible so that people with disabilities like color blindness can learn about your business products and services by visiting your website. You must keep the web design and navigation consistent.

Organize Your Website For Better User Experience: It’s no secret that search engines prefer sites that are well-organizes. Users also love good organizations. When your prospective customers visit your website, they are looking for specific information. So, it is important to have a properly structured website that presents information in an organized manner. Don’t forget to add text color to highlight the important information. And try to focus on creating good headlines so that people can’t get their eyes from the important points. A good web design and development lies in great user experience.

Focus on Quality Content: You may or may not know that search engines index websites depending on the quality of content and links. The more content on your website, the more appealing your website becomes for search engine. Well, users also like content. Poor content can make a visitor leave your website. So, keep your content unique and relevant.

Understand the Difference between Web Design and Development: To create a website, you need both web design and development of your site. Even though some professionals can perform both web design and development, the skills for web design and development are different. Front-end developers focus on the client-side and back-end developers focus the interaction between server and database. Good web developers are specialized in web design, information architecture, web content management systems, web server administration, software engineering, project management and search engine optimization.

Consider A Responsive Web Design: Mobile devices are more likely to increase the percentage of web traffic. Today, many businesses have customers accessing their websites through a mobile device. So, don’t forget to use responsive web design for your site to have more traffic.

So, consider the above 2016 best web design practices to have a great website. It’s the time to give a boost to your business with good web design and development.