Whether you are a blogger, a start-up firm or an established enterprise, we all require a website to create our online presence. The first step in this process is to register a domain from any domain provider or web hoisting company.

So you need to pick a name for your online identity. Is it really a serious task?

Choosing a Domain Name was never an easy task. The selection of the domain name represents our business. So one has to make sure that it relevant and eventually helps you or your organization meet the goals.

So now comes the question, what are the important parameters, one should really consider, while choosing domain name?

Here’s a checklist of 10 common mistakes, which people do which choosing the domain names for a website.

1. Add a Numbers to the Domain:

Never add a numeric value in a domain name unless relevant. Many people add numbers to rank their websites at-par with a popular website. However, from SEO point of view, it’s a strict no no.

Real Website Name: www.booksforyou.co.in

Proposed Name for a new website: www.books4you.co.in

One should always prefer to have text only for a proposed domain name.

2. Lengthy Domain Name for the sake of relevance:

A Domain name should always be short and meaningful. People are really bad in remembering long phrases. So a lengthy domain name would never leave an impression in the mind of the readers.

Eg. www.webuildcomfortablehomes.com 

Just think if you would be comfortable reading that complete URL even for the first time?

3. Humor does not count on Professionalism:

The domain name is the first things your target audience comes across in cyberspace. Even Walt Disney (www.thewaltdisneycompany.com) which makes billion laugh across the globe opted for a professional domain name.

Eg. www.boomboom.com

Never go for funny meaningless words for choosing your domain name.

4. Using Miss Spelt Words:

Using miss-spelt words is just forbidden, when it comes to choosing your domain name.

Eg. www.luvguru.com

Again, Professionalism is the key.

5. Choosing Similar Names:

Never choose similar names of existing domains for driving traffic. It never works that way. Uniqueness is rather important for creating a Brand and shodowing a Brand would not turn visitors into leads.

Eg. www.gooogle.com

It would be rather soon enough that Google would mark your website as SPAM.

6. Using Dashes or Hyphens:

Never use Dashes or Hyphens in your domain name. Domain name should be such that it’s easy to write and memorize.

Eg. www.guide-to-success.com

Completely unprofessional!

7. Not Including The Keywords:

SEO is the most important parameter, if you are planning on driving more and more traffic to your website. One has to plan, place and promote the keyword within the domain for Domain authority purposes.

So a Tech related website should prefer to have “tech” in their domain name. Defining your niche, right from the domain name would definitely have an upper hand in ranking your website.

8. Unusual Domain Names:

Picking an unusual name for your blog or business might not be a very successful idea always. Again most people are very bad in memorizing uncommon names, which could be quite a challenge unless you are already a established brand.

Eg. www.choosepain.com

9. Foreign language Meaning for the Domain Name:

This is one step most of us, either neglect or not aware of, especially, if you are planning to have global audience. There are different meaning in different languages for the same word.

ALWAYS check the meaning of the domain name consulting google translate or any other relevant source.




10. Never Give up:

This is one thing, which each of us must have experienced while you are in the process of choosing domain name.

Gosh! It’s already taken…

Well, if you are serious about the name, just can just approach the website owner and see if he/she would be interested in selling the domain to you.

Websites like “www.whois.com” can help you get in touch with the Site Administrator and whose knows if the deal works out for you.

Further, you can also consider referring websites like www.sedo.com, which is the world’s largest market place for buying and selling domains.


This is not the end of the list. I am just bringing a few most common points, which might help you choosing your domain name next time. It’s a very important factor and could never be neglected.