For most startup bloggers, one of the important step while setting up their blog is choosing the right profile image for your Blog. For most, it’s personifying themselves for their readers while for others, it’s just another option which they have to fill.

Profile pictures have always been a bit of a gray area for most startup bloggers. So what kind of profile picture should one choose? Is there a thing such as the perfect shot? And if there is, how do you get it?

Interestingly, there’s been some great research about the different elements of profile pictures that have the biggest impact on an audience. The psychology and science behind a perfect profile picture leaves some great guidelines on how to influence your audience and possibly gain more followers.

Let’s find out the key Elements!

  1. The First Look:

    Trust me, this could be controlled or manipulated. A smiley face with shinny white teeth along with unobstructed eyes (like an eye contact with the readers) along with Asymmetric composition can help increase your chances of leaving an impression on your readers mind.

    However, you should definitely avoid images wearing a hat, sun-glasses, masks, or a laughing smile and starry or lusty looks.

    Just try to keep it real.

  2. Image Building:

    Based on certain researches in the recent past, a person’s innate sense of judgment is based upon two key attributes – trustworthiness and competency.

    So as a blogger, you should post a profile photo, wherein you want these two attributes to be positive. If this message comes across to your viewers, your job is done, and they’re more likely to be interested in what you’re selling.

  3. Don’t Overkill:

    Try not to do too much experimentation with your profile image you wish to upload. It rather might be an Overkill.

    You have to have the transparency in place for your readers as they will look up to you.

    Do not use a overexpose or filtered image. Best option would be use a simple photo shot in a “Studio”.

  4. The Headshot:

    Consider having an image which not only shows just your face. Rather, it should be down through your shoulders.

    This would make you look real.

  5. The Branding:

    You should consider this aspect from day one. You are creating a product which would be used by people around the globe.

    So you should be working on branding your blog from the very first day.

    And the photo you use as your profile picture would one day be the brand image for your blog.


The recommendations here cover all sorts of research, science, and psychology. It’s always recommended to go old school as you are just a kick-starter at this point.