The relationship of a client with an agency is of crucial importance in the business world. Often times, the client believes that an agency exists to serve his/her needs, but that’s a very naïve and misguided form of thinking. Whenever there’s a strife between the two parties, things always turn sour eventually, and the arrangement ends up in shambles.

There comes a time in every business, when a client and an agency, are not on the same page. But, there are certain tips that an agency should consider when it finds itself on the other side of the greener pastures concerning a client.


#1. Prepare Accurate Client Goals

When you prepare accurate goals for your client and keep them up to date, there is a minimal chance of things ever going sour.

You cannot expect the client to keep a track of every order or request they send across to you, it is certainly the task of an agency to keep a track of invoices that are based on these orders, to show to the client that you’ve been on the right track.


#2. Keep Regular Touch With Clients

This is a very basic and common advice, but in reality, it isn’t so commonly followed. Agencies often ‘assume’ way more than they should, while the client waits in anticipation.

Once every week or 2 weeks, is an ideal start. Also keep in mind that, these meetings should only increase.

Informing the client about the recent happenings on a project is mainly the task of the project manager undertaking the assignment, but if that’s not possible, then the agency must appoint a special representative to communicate with the client, who is a part of the team and is well aware of all the developments.


#3. Respect Each Other’s Views

Say your client wasn’t very impressed with your ideas for a certain part of the project development and wants you to change a few things around, but, you are not willing. You, as an agency representative, feel that you should stick to your team’s hard work and support their viewpoint.

Obviously, neither of you are wrong here. You just have different opinions.

But, you must keep in mind, that the project belongs to the client and their vision also matters. They have every right to have a say, so you must incorporate that into your next team meeting and inform the team members about it.


#4. Rebrand Your Client As Invincible

One thing that you must do as an agency, is to secure a permanent place in your client’s mind. You do that by being an extension of their brand.

Most agencies are so caught up with impressing a client that they tend not to put an effort in the actual project. That is very counter-productive.

Don’t try to impress your client, just let your work do it for you.



In the process of maintaining a working relationship, it is important to not be overshadowed by a client, and adhering to agency’s guidelines is also essential.


Rebrand Your Client As Invincible, Respect Each Other's Views, Keep Regular Touch With Clients, Prepare Accurate Client Goals

Client-Agency Dynamics Image Credits: iMeet Central