Most of you struggling entrepreneurs must be thinking, “What is the one secret to success?”. The answer is hidden right in the question; it’s a secret! A secret to unfold only by the most deserving, patient, and a strong candidate who will break all barriers to achieving real success in his/her professional life.

Here are some unethical steps that were taken by entrepreneurs in their startup voyage. Hopefully, you will learn to avoid them and act professionally.

3 Shortcuts To Success Pitfalls To Avoid As A First-Time Entrepreneur


#1. Naming Your Business Improperly

Most entrepreneurs make the classic mistake of naming their business something that doesn’t match their offered service. Although you might think it is just a name, when you reach out to the clients, it’s the first thing that they notice.

That said, you do not need to scour the Internet for a perfect name. Make sure that the business has a name matching its product and service.


#2. Spending Too Much At The Start

This might sound like a cliché but, money doesn’t solve all your problems, whether personal or professional.

Most budding entrepreneurs like to compare their performance with someone else. It could be an already famous entrepreneur or someone they know who kicked-off really well. But, in the process of tracing their route to success, you might end up spending a lot of money on the things you do not even need!

Assuming that money can get you anything, is simply foolish! Instead, you should be focusing on acquiring the right aide who will mentor you down the path of real progress, branding, and customer satisfaction, this is where your money should be spent on, along with consistently improving your product or service.


#3. Giving Too Much Away For Nothing

A rookie mistake made by every entrepreneur is to give away the product for nothing significant in return.

Understanding the psychology of your target consumer is as important as understanding your own mindset behind doing the business. In order to gain fame around your region, you might want to give away products at slashed prices or give something for free! Avoid that habit, it is not only fatal to your company in the long run but you end up incurring more losses.

Avoid that habit, it is not only fatal to your company in the long run, but you end up incurring more losses.



The main question here is whether you are ready to crush ethics and morality just to get your business uplifted, even if it shoots you down for good in the future? Business is all about its credibility, and any sleight on your part may hurt the business for an eternity, not to forget your personal reputation will be tarnished for life.

Truth be told, a successful entrepreneur takes all the fame and money, and this could attract anyone, but plagiarising your way to the summit is not the right way, in fact, it is the most foolish thing to do.


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Image Credits: Mike Kawula