Landing Page Design

Increase your business sales and conversions



The Landing Pages of your website is created with just one objective, GRAB ATTENTION!

The moment your visitors are redirected to your webpage after clicking any ad link, they should be so captivated that they would be unable to leave the site before responding to your call to action.

A landing page is a key component if you are opting for SEO and PPC based services in order to generate leads for your business.

Directing users to your homepage through ad links has a very low rate of visitor converts. Whereas, if users are redirected to a page specific to what the ad links prompt then the probability of turning those visitors into solid leads increased by multiple folds.

This observation is based on a simple fact that users have a very short attention span and if they don’t see what they are looking for within seconds of landing on a page, then you lose them as customers.


Our Key Role

The basic designing of a landing page is similar to a normal webpage except one major difference. The purpose and target of a landing page is to push visitors to take action and complete the task you have intended for them, which could be filling up a form, clicking a button or calling you.

Thus, our prime focus remains on creating a highly appealing header for the page which will keep your visitors glued to your website. We personalize the landing page based on the visitor’s history, demographics, geo-location etc.

The Kymera Advantage!

We create visually appealing and interactive landing pages which are intuitive and easy to navigate. Your visitors will be one step away from becoming your customers.