Who among us does not want to be in the best shape of our lives? We are aware that achieving the desired body shape requires tremendous dedication and commitment, which isn’t so easy.

Our hectic lifestyle can interfere with our ambition sometimes which is when we require much more attention & careful monitoring.

For this reason, Android presents the Top 5 fitness apps which are Free for download from the Google Play Store.

Nike Training Club (Free)

One of the most popularly downloaded apps is the Nike Training Club, which comes pre-loaded on Apple’s iPhone but also available for Android.

The app does the work of a personal trainer, offering personalized workouts for weight loss, gaining muscle mass and stretching; and most of these exercises are easy to do at your comfortable home.

The built-in functionality of the app allows you to listen to music as you workout and another interesting feature allow you to personalize settings and share your fitness results throughout the social network.

MyFitnessPal (Free)

My Fitness Pal works as a calorie counter and contains several useful information and tools.

It helps you to take care of your entire diet process, whether to gain/lose weight or simply to maintain your weight by providing nutrition with the profile.

The calorie chart helps you to keep track of calories to burn or consume in the upcoming days.

7 Minute Workout (Free)

The 7 Minute Workout is a great exercise-friendly tool. Fitness enthusiasts who like circuit training would love this app.

The naming of this app is appropriate because 7 minutes could make you lose more calories than you can imagine! Doing these exercises in the right manner will get you sweaty with 12 active reps of various movements which involve the whole body; each exercise is well explained and easily done at home.

RunKeeper (Free)

RunKeeper is a great fitness app offers its users to manually enter in-app activities. The app uses GPS technology to track, calculate distance and calories lost by keeping you updated on the progress of all physical activities involving distance traveled, tracking such as running, walking, skiing, cycling, etc.

Unhook yourself from smartphone and let the device track all your run mileage by simply feeding it your GPS location.

Google Fit (Free)

Google isn’t far behind in coming up with a fitness app of their own. Google Fit is easy to understand and provides numerous fitness activities to choose from. Whether you run, walk, or bike, the different modes will help you keep a count of the calories lost against the time spent.

You can also set/delete a goal, log in your weight and start or resume an activity. It also integrates Google Maps in case you want to track your movement from point A to B.


These fitness apps are your most effective personal trainer. The difference being that they are available at any time, any place and free of charge! So, you are sure to succeed with your fitness goals without straining your pocket.