You must have heard the advice a million times that writing quality comments to others blog will always help your blog grow.

Ironic but true. It’s just about building the Human relationship with your fellow bloggers. Comments can be really powerful if a comment can land you on a radar of a popular blogger, majorly an Influencer, who can accelerate your success.

Now comes the billion dollar question “How would you make the blog owner feel “WOW” with your comments?

Is it a comment that shovels heaps of praise onto the author? Or one that argues a persuasive alternative view? Or one that simply thanks the blogger for their insights?

Let’s figure this out the most important things you should be considering before Writing Quality Comments.

1. Adding a personal touch to your Greetings:

Just drop the name with “hi, hello, hey” etc. Eg. Hi Jack or Hey Bill.

It adds a value to your comment. Never start bluntly.

2. Pick a professional profile image:

Putting a profile picture online is a way of creating an authentic connection with the readers.

Get a head shot photo with a smiling face for your profile picture. That would do the magic.

3. Be Realistic:

Use for real name for commenting rather than an alias. The community needs to know who you really are so that you could be a trusted resource.

A Pseudo-Names would really not help in the long run.

4. Read before you Comment:

We all are busy with our daily life activities. However, it’s always recommended to read the article or blog before you actually comment on the same.

When you comment on a post after skimming it or – worse – not reading it at all, you greatly increase the chances you’ll say something silly.

5. The Perfect Reason:

You must have a reason to want to connect with them over any of the other million bloggers, you could be trying to connect with at that moment.

Chances are, you like them. You value them. You respect them.

So just go-ahead and mention them in your comments.


So writing quality comments to others blog is indeed a serious business and requires quite a personal touch along with a lot of reading and understanding. Nothing comes easy and getting noticed by Influencers would indeed make a big difference to your business.

It matter, so why not do the right way.