Born in Haryana, now roots all over the world, the self-made god-man, from being a swami to a yoga guru and now a successfully established entrepreneur and almost a celebrity, Baba Ramdev has it all. He started his journey as a monk, making yoga not only an indispensable part of life, also should be the way to a disciplined life.

The Success Mantra According to Baba Ramdev

Discipline:  Saying “Discipline is the key to success” holds true here. As discipline has always been in Swami Ramdev’s life, that’s the result he’s touching new heights in the business world and at the top of the notch today.

Focus: No doubt, with discipline comes the focus and with being focused, one can achieve greatest heights in life.

Put Your Feet in the Right Shoes: Before starting up a business, one should have a clear vision and knowledge of the business that one is going to do. Having enough knowledge about your business will land you to a right place.

Being in the Market: Analyzing the market is very important before startup. Always remember “Need is the mother of invention.” Hence, observing and performing an analysis on the basic necessity is equally and absolutely important.

Quality Rather Than Quantity: Quality goes to eternal and lasts long if compared to quantity. Come up with a brand/product/service which is promising and genuine. Focus on the quality of service which should lead to ultimate customer satisfaction.

Financial Database:  An old rule “Make money from Money”, this is the mindset which is one of the ways to expand your business and make it more successful. Learn to save the money. Keep in mind that money saving is money earning.

Availability and Cost of the Service: Make your service availability easy, reasonable and affordable.

Perfect Marketing:  To make your service reach out to people it is utmost important to promote it. Try gimmicks which could create a buzz in the market and attract attention, endorsement or the other marketing strategies to make your service known

Well, these are the ways through which a yogi turned into a yogipreneur. With perseverance, endeavor, discipline and experience, Baba Ramdev has made Patanjali brand reach to a newer height.

There is no surprise to the fact that how a Desi yoga man could turn out to be an ace in business. In fact, there have been many businessmen who came from zero level and today their story is totally different.

Maintaining a business and being in the long run is more important than establishing it. Following all these mantras, one could establish a successful business and survive the long run. What requires is a sheer drive and enthusiasm in oneself to go over the board. There is no perform and perish rule in business. One just has to practice and preach.